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The Bike is the Transport of Future!
Bicycle can rightly be called the transport of future through the significant advantages in its use. Cycling is a relatively inexpensive mode of transport that does not require large expenses for its operation, so it can be afforded by anyone. Bicycles do not require fuel, and therefore they are environmentally safe and economical. In addition the bicycle repair requires less materials and resources than, let say, cars. The usage of bike is the prevention of many diseases, mainly cardiovascular and respiratory as well as effective remedy against stress, to improve mood and support a good way to fitness. Bicycles do not require much space, so it can be easily stored in the apartment. By this type of transport you can travel where conventional vehicles are not able to pass. Thus, the use of bicycles means to take care for the environment, preserve natural resources, good way to support physical fitness, to unload cities from traffic jams and mane other advantages.
In many developed countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark) the bike is the most popular type of transport. Regardless of the status and positions in the towns and villages the inhabitants of these countries use mostly bicycle as well as cars to be used for more distant trips. The mass use of bicycles in these countries was made possible due to well-developed bicycle infrastructure: the system of bicycle runways and stations etc. The governments of these countries have for a long realized significant benefits from using a bicycle as a means of movement and therefore implements state policy on the development and popularization of this type of transport.
Unfortunately in Ukraine this type of transport is only gaining popularity. Every year more and more people use the bicycle for daily trips. But for Ukrainian there are significant obstacles in mass using of this type of transport because in the Ukrainian towns and villages there is no well-organized system of bicycle runways and stations as it is in other developed European countries. Despite the efforts of local authorities of some Ukrainian cities aimed at developing of programs and bicycle infrastructure, but mostly of these projects remain only on paper. There are other obstacles to use bikes in Ukraine as a type of transport, including a low awareness and prejudice in favour of people, and as a result is the misunderstanding of the benefits of bicycle using. To overcome these obstacles it is necessary to conduct effective information measures to convince people that using a bike is not evidence of a certain status and it has to be used by ordinary workers and key officials. First of all, everyone should start with themselves: to reconstruct their way of thinking and take the bicycle as well as to persuade others. The more people will use the bike every day than the more obvious to the authorities will be the need to build the bicycle infrastructure. And having a well organized bicycle infrastructure the Ukrainians also can enjoy all the benefits of using the bike every day and to do it with pleasure.